How often does Google Analytics update?

June 15, 2022
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Google Analytics helps you track your website traffic. The Google Analytics dashboard helps you see all your data in one place. Important metrics such as page visits, page views, and the average duration of visits to a page can all be determined by the software.

It goes without saying then, that it is super important for all this traffic data to be up to date to reflect the latest site statistics, also known as data freshness.

What is real-time data?

Real-time data basically refers to what is currently happening on your website or app. Real-time reports show you where the traffic to your site is from and what path they followed to get there, like following links.

However, Google Analytics can't automatically retrieve information from your web browser.

First of all, the data needs to be structured, grouped, and retrieved for viewing. This is a lengthy process and may delay updates.

To resolve the problem, Google introduced Realtime Reporting technology.

Real-time event tracking will update your statistics whenever users interact with one of your sites. It also helps you check how much time a site takes to load and which pages perform best.

For real-time analysis of Google Data, you need to specifically state that you want the feature. To do this, click on Google Analytics, go through the "Report" tab then click on "Reality Time" and "Review."

How can real-time tracking help you?

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Here are a few examples of what real-time tracking can be used for:

  • Track the effectiveness of your content shared on social networks by tracking the 'hits per' rate.
  • Follow up on e-mail campaigns and see the click rate.
  • View new visitors to your site and which pages they visited.
  • Monitor whether changes made to a site are reaching their expected goals.
  • Ensure that a tracking code is working correctly.

These are just a few of the advantages of having your Google Analytics update at the very least every 24 hours.

Does Google Analytics support real-time alerts?

No, Google Analytics does not support real-time alerts at the time of writing this article (May 2022)

Google does however enable the user to set alerts to daily, weekly, and monthly.

Is Google Analytics in real-time?

According to Google, data is processed and analytics accounts are updated every 24-48 hours.

Google has also reported that some standard accounts that send more than 200,000 sessions per day to analytics will only be refreshed once a day.

But they have not specifically stated how long it takes to update other information that may be associated with your Google Analytics account such as commerce data.

This would mean that reports could be delayed up to two days at most as data collected by your Google Analytics account first needs to be processed.

So even though you might be viewing the latest site statistics update, your Google Analytics dashboard lags behind a day or two.

The intra-day processing of Google accounts can however be toggled by reducing the number of hits your Google account sends to less than 200,000.

By doing this you will track only the most recent data in your account and receive reports based on the last 24 hours.

Pro tip: Abralytics is a Google Analytics alternative that shows your data instantly and in real time.

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A final thought

Anyone running a small business or company will know that missing out on the smallest opportunity can be detrimental to your success.

Using Google Analytics or a similar analytics tool such as Abralytics is key to your success.

So stay on top of your analytics data and make sure that every analytics update reflects current-day data collection.

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