Better analytics
in 20% of the time.

Understand your audience and measure your marketing 80% faster than Google Analytics.

Works with:

+ 100's more platforms & custom sites

Faster, better, and privacy first.

Imagine if Google Analytics was simple, fast and actually put your visitor’s privacy first?

That’s Abralytics... and that’s just the beginning.

Know your visitors.


Use goals to discover user actions that are leading to wins. 


Set up events to measure user actions such as “add to shopping cart” and more to see what’s happening and what’s working best. 


Create campaigns to quickly see which marketing efforts are winning and which ones are ravaging your ROI.


Leverage Smart AI to uncover unique ways to optimise your site and drive more conversions.

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“Switching to Abralytics gave me back 3-4 hours every week. I get the insights I need by email, never going back to the old way ever again!!!”

Orla M, CEO @ 12WeekReset

“As soon as I removed the cookie banner from my website the bounce rate dropped 30%. That was enough of a reason to switch, nevermind all the other good stuff. 10/10”

Ryan M, Director @ Subversive Design

“A lot of the brands I work with are eco-friendly and privacy conscious - when they heard we were switching to analytics that doesn't track and sell user data they were thrilled.”

Ciara, Founder @ Sketch Digital

Simple pricing

We don’t punish success. Pay the same fee no matter how much traffic you get.


30-day free trial. No credit card required.
per website
✨ Limited time offer!✨
4 months free
when you subscribe to the yearly plan
Usual price $15 / month
  • Unlimited web traffic
  • Unlimited users / team members
  • Unlimited goals & conversions
  • Unlimited events and page views
  • Unlimited data retention
  • Daily insights via email (slack coming soon!)
  • You own 100% of your data
  • 24/7 live chat support

Why choose Abralytics?

No cookies

Ditch those annoying cookie banners. Abralytics puts privacy first by replacing cookies with anonymous measurement. This also means it’s fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR straight out of the box.

Jargon free

Don’t know your UTM's from your ABC's? Switch to Abralytics and get jargon-free, plain English reports and insights around what's happening on your website.

Faster loading

Lightweight code means your website stays speedy and keeps visitors engaged.

Understand your marketing

Is your time and money being spent effectively? Our simple dashboard will instantly show you what’s working - and what isn’t.

Works with all major platforms

Abralytics plays nicely with Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix or Shopify. If you need help, we'll even set you up for free.

You own your data

We don’t sell user data. Instead, we charge a small monthly fee per website that covers our cost and brings you an easy analytics solution to scale your business today.

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