Matomo Alternatives: 5 Best Options

April 19, 2022
5 min read

So you’ve heard that web analytics is key to the success of any website, and maybe you’ve spent some time trying out Matamo’s platform. 

And while Matomo is a fantastic product, perhaps you’ve realized it's just not the right fit for you. Maybe it’s not user-friendly enough for newbies or you may be craving more advanced features that meet the specific needs of your business.

We’re here to help!

If you’re ready to discover the five best Matomo alternatives, read on as we discuss Matomo and its five best options; their differences, pros and cons, the best alternative for different user types and FAQs.

5 Best Matomo Alternatives

1. Abralytics 

At Abralytics, we love our product and will shamelessly include it as number 1 on our list - Because we believe it's that good! Let me tell you why. 

Abralytics is a web analytics tool that measures, analyzes, and reports web data to optimize website usage so that you can make better data-driven decisions to achieve your business goals.

As a digital marketer, Abralytics can help you see what to adjust on your marketing funnel for a better conversion rate. And you can also be sure of an analytics solution that stores data efficiently.  

The web tracking tool offers features such as:

  • conversion tracking
  • campaign and multiple site management
  • site search
  • referral source and  time-on-site tracking
  • form analytics
  • keyword and goal tracking
  • 100% data ownership
  • user interaction and pageview tracking

Matomo vs. Abralytics 

Matomo and Abralytics perform similar functions like data collection, storage, protection, and report generation. However, they have some features that set them apart from each other.  

Apart from their user interface and other features, the core differences are the pricing plans, trackable metrics, and loading speed.

  • Pricing Plans

For Matomo, you can choose between Matomo Cloud and Matomo On-Premise. 

Matomo Cloud:

Just like Google Analytics, this version of Matomo is cloud-hosted. Matomo cloud price plan runs from $0 (free for 21 days) to $15,250.

Matomo On-Premise:

Matomo On-Premise in itself is FREE.

But for better analytics, you can get some specific bundles at a cost. Examples of these bundles are SEO web vitals (from $86.67 per annum), multi-channel conversion attribution (from $86.67 per annum), and Roll-Up reporting (from $218.33 per annum), etc.

Abralytics has three packages; Basic, standard, and Enterprise. And before you sign up, you have the option of running a 30-day free trial that allows you to test out the full range of features.


$19/month - best for small businesses & early-stage start-ups


$49/month - best for companies with significant traffic or web agencies


$149+/month - best for enterprises or  web agencies with large amounts of traffic

  • Differences In Their Tracking Features 

Both platforms monitor metrics such as real-time users, referrers, user locations, top-performing landing pages, top exit pages, device and operating system, traffic sources, etc.

But let’s take a closer look at their tracking limitations and see which of the two offers better-advanced tracking options.

If you choose the Basic Matomo Cloud as your product analytics software, you can only add  30 users,  150 goals, 100 segments, 30 websites, and 30 custom dimensions.

However, with Abralytics, you have Unlimited websites, 10m+ monthly events, unlimited users, email reports, data export, white-label, custom domain, and API access.

  • Loading Speed

The loading speed of a website is proportional to the size of the script. As a result, the smaller the script’s size, the faster the website is. 

Abralytics script weighs less than 4 KB, compared to Matomo’s 22.8 KB. This means it will load 6x faster than Matamo!

So, if you desire a web analytics tool that loads with blazing speed, you should opt for Abralytics

Why Is Abralytics A Great Matomo Alternative? 

Source: Pexels

  • User-friendly Interface

With Abralytics, you can easily navigate its interface and dashboard to find out what’s working and what needs improvement within just two minutes of interacting with the website.

  • Privacy

Abralytics prioritizes privacy by replacing cookies with anonymous measurements. So if you’re concerned about user privacy, you need not worry because Abralytics is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR.

Who Can Use Abralytics?

In short - Everyone! From a one-person show to a vast enterprise, Abralytics is for you.

Because of our pricing structure, small businesses on a tight budget won’t need to pay for unnecessary extras. While larger businesses or web agencies can choose a plan which allows them to access larger volumes of data and reports.

2. Google Analytics

Source: Google Analytics

Why Is Google Analytics A Great Matomo Alternative?

  • Users’ Segmentation

Google Analytics segments your website users into different groups based on their characteristics. With this, you can understand your website visitors better by zooming in on a specific area of the user metric.

You can create custom segments in addition to the system segments specified by Google Analytics to make better data-driven decisions.

  • eCommerce Conversion Tracking

With Google Analytics, you can easily set up eCommerce conversion tracking. Furthermore, this shows what happens after a user interacts with your ad.

Who Can Use Google Analytics?

According to W3techs, about 85% of all websites use Google Analytics to track website traffic. These include top companies like YouTube, Instagram, Zoom, etc. 

The free version, now known as GA4, is ideal for individual users and small businesses with less website traffic, while the paid version is best for big enterprises. 

However, those new to analytics might find a steep learning curve because of its interface and complex dashboard. Google Analytics is ideal for those with experience because of the jargon, the sheer number of reports, and other advanced analytics features it has.

For a more in-depth article on how Matamo compares with Google Analytics, click here.

3. MonsterInsights

Source: MonsterInsights Dashboard

Do you want a Matomo alternative for your WordPress website? MonsterInsights is a great web analytics tool for you! It allows you to track your website analytics without writing code.

Why Is MonsterInsights A Great Matomo Alternative?

  • Analytics Report Sharing

You may need to share your web analytics report with others. MonsterInsights can help you do this in no time. Plus, you can share your web reports as PDFs.

  • Split Testing

With MonsterInsights, you can set up a split test to conduct experiments. It helps you compare two versions of a web page, the original and variation, to determine which is better for higher conversion. 

Ultimately, you can apply the changes from the A/B testing to improve your website performance and achieve your business goals.  

Who can use MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights is an analytics solution that is available for all types of users. However, it is the best for WordPress websites.

4. Plausible Analytics

Source: Plausible Dashboard

Plausible Analytics is a simple open-source Matomo alternative that offers 100% data ownership. Besides, it is GDPR, CCPA, and PECR compliant and does not use cookies.

Like Matomo, there are two hosting options available on Plausible Analytics. Self-hosting and cloud hosting. So, you can self-host the analytic solution or have Plausible host your website on the cloud. 

Matomo vs. Plausible Analytics

As open-source analytic solutions, Matomo and Plausible have similar features. Let’s dive into this before we discuss how they differ.

  • Complete Control Over Your Data

Matomo and Plausible give you 100% data ownership of all your web and user data. So, there is no need to worry about external access to your data. 

  • Open-source Web Analytics Tools

Both Matomo and Plausible are open-source. That is, you can read and review the codes on GitHub. One advantage of this is it fosters transparency between you and your analytics solution.

  • Open Web Development

Both Matomo and Plausible have an open web development to get recommendations and feedback from the users. 

The Core Differences Between Matomo and Plausible 

While Matomo and Plausible have similar features as you have seen, they differ in pricing plans, loading speed, usability, and data privacy. 

  • Pricing Plan

We have discussed the available pricing plans on Matomo earlier - Matomo Cloud and Matomo on Premise. You can revert to that section for more information.

For Plausible, there is just one plan other than the free trial version - Plausible Paid Version. Let’s see what it entails in a bit.

Plausible Paid Version costs about $115.56 per annum. It offers benefits like Email/Slack reports, 50 websites, 100% data ownership, unlimited data retention, and an unlimited number of team members. 

  • Loading Speed

Plausible is a lightweight analytics solution that runs faster than Matomo.

Moreover, the Plausible script weighs less than 1KB while the Matomo script weighs 22KB. That is more than 22 times smaller in size.

To see how page load speed could affect your conversion rates, click here.

  • Usability 

Plausible is more user-friendly. Their dashboard is easy to navigate, making it easier to use than Matomo.

  • Data Privacy 

Matomo uses first-party cookies to track new website visitors. On the other hand, Plausible does not use cookies or collect personal data. It is also GDPR, CCPA, and PECR compliant.

Why Is Plausible A Great Matomo Alternative? 

  • Reports Sharing Via Email/Slack

You can easily keep track of your web traffic with the email or Slack report feature. Also, you get traffic spike alerts.

  • Open Web Stats

You can be open and transparent about your web analytics. Although your website stats are private, you can share them with anyone using your custom link.

Who Can Use Plausible?

Plausible is great for new users unfamiliar with analytics and who want easy-to-understand reports. Plausible has easy-to-understand features which most newbies will appreciate.

5. Piwik Pro Analytics Suite

Source: Piwik Pro Dashboard

Piwik Pro Analytics Suite is an analytics solution focusing on user privacy and data protection. It is important to note that Piwik Pro Analytics Suite and Matomo have some background connections.

Matomo vs. Piwik Pro Analytics Suite

Of course, Matomo (formerly Piwik) and Piwik Pro have many things in common. Let’s explore this before we consider their differences. 

  • Full Ownership of Your Data

Like Matomo, Piwik Pro Analytics Suite gives you complete data control. As a result, you should not worry about unauthorized access to your data.

  • Hosting

Both Matomo and Piwik Pro Analytics Suite offer cloud and on-premise hosting. So, you can choose either hosting type on both analytics solutions.

  • Target Users

Similar to Matomo, Piwik Pro Analytics Suite caters to business enterprises mainly. 

The Core Differences Between Matomo and Piwik Pro Analytics Suite

Besides the user interface and other features, Matomo and Piwik Pro Analytics Suite differ in the pricing model, loading speed, and data privacy.

  • Pricing Model

Although Matomo and Piwik Pro have a similar structure, they don’t have the same pricing model. We have looked at the two pricing plans of Matomo earlier - Matomo Cloud and Matomo On-Premise.

There are two models for Piwik Pro: Piwik Pro Cloud and Piwik Pro On-Premise. 

  • Piwik Pro Cloud

This model is for users who don’t want to store and maintain Piwik on their sites. Piwik Pro Cloud has two plans  - Piwik Pro Core and Piwik Pro Enterprise.

Piwik Pro Core is FREE, but it has some limited features. Conversely, Piwik Pro Enterprise is a paid version that costs about $5,028 per annum.

  • Piwik On-Premise

This model is for users that store their analytics data on their web server but need some features from Piwik regularly - deployment, customization, and support.

  • Loading Speed 

Matomo’s software is based on PHP and uses a row-oriented MySQL database management system. So, it takes longer to pre-process data with medium and high traffic.

On the other hand, Piwik Pro’s software is based on ClickHouse and uses a column-oriented database management system. 

As a result, Piwik Pro loads medium and heavy data faster.

  • Data Privacy

Matomo, in itself, is not privacy ready. However, you can implement the code of any privacy mechanism you desire with your website by following Matomo’s support instructions. This process requires some coding skills.

Piwik Pro offers data privacy with its consent management feature. Consent Manager, on Piwik Pro, is a tool that collects, manages, and stores consent records and subject request data.

Why is Piwik Pro Analytics Suite a great Matomo alternative? 

  • Data Protection

Piwik Pro Analytics Suite is an analytics solution that values data protection and security. Hence, you need not worry about unauthorized access to your data.

  • Visualization and Comparison of Your Web Data

With Piwik Pro Analytics Suite, you have three chart types for viewing and comparing your analytics data - line, pie, and column charts. So, you have multiple ways of evaluating your web analytics data.

Who Can use Piwik Pro Analytics Suite?

Like most analytics tools, Piwik Pro is available for all user types. However, the analytics solution is mainly suited for enterprises.

Source: Pexels

Frequently Asked Questions About Matomo 

  1. Is Matomo better than google analytics?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Like most analytics solutions, Matomo and Google Analytics have many similar features and can be used to achieve the same goals.

Essentially, most digital marketers prefer more popular, easy-to-use tools.

However, for some digital marketers, Matomo is a better alternative to Google Analytics because: 

  • Matomo is open-source. So, you can freely adjust its features to suit your website.
  • If data privacy is key to your business.
  • 100% data ownership.

  1. Is Matomo any good?

Yes, absolutely! Matomo has earned its stripes as one of the most popular web analytics tools. It is a reliable open-source analytics solution with great features. However, it has a few limitations.

  1. Is Matomo easy to use?

While Matomo is easy to set up, manage and implement, the analytics solution does not have the most user-friendly interface. An excellent Matomo alternative for this is Abralytics.

  1. Who uses Matomo?

As an open-source analytics tool, anyone can use Matomo for their website. More than one million businesses have adopted Matomo as their analytics solution.

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