How to delete a Google Analytics account

April 19, 2022
12 min read

There are many advantages to using an Analytics platform, such as Google Analytics, Abralytics, FoxMetrics, HubSpot, or something similar. These platforms allow any website owner to see how users are interacting with his website and apply the suggested changes to optimize productivity.

But what do you do once your blog is inactive or a website is no longer in use? You see, your unused website data will stay in your analytics account and simply clog things up. Deleting an unused Google Analytics Account keeps things nice and tidy and speeds up your analytics on websites or pages that are still valid.

You might be a new user of Google Analytics and the very thought of doing anything to your account settings might be freaking you out. If so, don't stress... We've got it covered.

This article will give you a step-by-step guide to help you delete a Google Analytics Account.

Log in to your Google Analytics account

Sign to your Google Analytics account. Open your browser and navigate to

Keep in mind that you'll be taken directly to your analytics interface if you're already signed in to Google. Alternatively, you'll be prompted to enter your login details on the main menu, likely your Gmail account and password.

Screenshot taken from Google Analytics landing page

Once here you'll need to...

Locate the Admin tab

Move the cursor to the far left of the home page and a pop-out will appear. In the bottom left-hand corner, you'll see the Admin tab along with a settings cog icon. Select it.

You'll now find yourself on the Admin panel. From here you're able to adjust any account settings or property settings. Stick to the left hand of the page where your different accounts are located.

Screenshot taken from Google Analytics demo account

Next, you need to...

Select your Google Analytics Account

You might be using Google Analytics to analyze the traffic of more than one company website. If so, you'll have multiple accounts displayed in the dropdown menu.

Make sure to select the proper account name here. Selecting and deleting the wrong account can be quite a pain. You'll lose valuable data if you accidentally get rid of the wrong account, so pay attention!

Screenshot taken from Google Analytics demo account

Once you've selected the account you no longer wish to use, click 'Account Settings' on the admin page...

Delete the Account

On the far right of the page, you'll notice a tab labeled 'Move to Rubbish Bin'. Click on it and... that's it, consider the unwanted clutter permanently deleted.

Screenshot taken from Google Analytics demo account

Haven't found the right analytics platform yet?

You might have deleted your Google Analytics account because the business website in question is no longer in use. Or perhaps you simply wanted to declutter your account and speed things up.

Whatever the reason, if you've just followed these steps you now find yourself without an analytics platform to track precious data. Why not consider an alternative to Google Analytics? There are a number of platforms out there that offer all the necessary tracking code and reports to make your website successful.

Abralytics is one such platform. Super lightweight code means faster loading times and a user-friendly interface will make you wonder why you spent so much time figuring out how a more complicated platform worked.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto - Pexel

Still confused? Here are a few frequently asked questions about this topic...

How do I permanently delete Google Analytics property?

Firstly, Sign in to your Google Analytics account the same way we just described. Thereafter, select Admin and navigate to the property that you wish to delete. In the Property column, on the right hand of the page, click 'Property Settings'. Now click 'Move to Trash Can'. You should now see a confirmation screen. Click 'Move property to Trash Can'.

For a step-by-step tutorial, check out the full article here.

How do I delete a Google Analytics demo account?

Again, the same basic steps apply. Sign in to Google Analytics, and click 'Admin'. Navigate to the Account menu and select 'Demo Account'. In the Account column, click 'User Management'. Now click 'Remove Myself'.

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